HIMT College we value every individual in our care and it is our aim to provide the best possible environment in which students can succeed.

We are fortunate to have a talented, highly committed teaching and support staff here to ensure the learning environment of our students is the best it can be. Optimism, tradition, inclusiveness, service, compassion, tolerance, hope and faithfulness are the underpinnings of a HIMT College education. It is in this context that our students learn.

We seek to prepare our young men and women with the very best preparation for life after HIMT College. We seek to instill in our students a passion for learning that will bring the knowledge and understanding they will need to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and work HIMT College is a vibrant learning community that encourages a three-way partnership between students, parents and the college. The strength of that partnership is reflected in the success of our students.

I would be pleased to welcome you to HIMT College at any time. We would be delighted to be involved in the education of your child and to foster in her/him the values we value and seek for our departing collegians.

Thank you for considering us as the college for your child.

Suresh Kumar (Principal)

Books & Library

The library has more than 50000 books covering all disciplines of Science, Engineering & Technology including bounds volumes of periodicals.

Great Teachers

great teacher has high expectations of their students and encourages everyone to always work at their best level.


The Computer Lab has more than 150+ computers with the latest operating systems and software.

Student Testimonials

It was hard at first but found lovely teachers and faculty made it easy for me. HIMT provided me the required knowledge and skills which helped me in refining myself and being eligible for this corporate world. 

HIMT helped me in gaining experience at both social and professional levels. I still love this place and respect those who helped me to gain such a position in the industry.

Foreign Student

Loving Whole Environment Since I stepped into College. HIMT provided me the best platform to groom myself academically as well as personally. I owe my thanks to my teachers for bringing out the best in me.


Education Program

Recent Activities

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