1. Students are required to fulfill 75% Attendance condition for appearing in the Final Semester Examination. Shortage of attendance will render the student ineligible for appearing in the Final as well as the Mid Semester Tests.

2. Students are required to keep Identity-cum-Library card while entering the college.

3. No ragging is allowed in College Campus or in the hostel. Students involved in ragging will be punished as per the guidelines of H’ble Supreme Court and PTU/AICTE.

4. A student can issued only 3 books at a time and each book can be retained for a maximum of 7 days. There after the student will be liable to pay a fine of Rs. 10/- per book per day.

5. If the student loses or damages a library book, he/she will be required to replace it with new book or he/she will be charged double the price of the book.

6. If the Identity-cum-Library card of any student is lost, he/she is required to inform the Librarian in writing and get a new card issued by paying Rs. 50/-, otherwise he/she will be held responsible for the books issued on the lost card.

7. No fees is refundable. No interest will be paid on the security deposit.

8. student must follow proper Dress Code in the Institute as recommended by the Institute.

9. Carrying and keeping any weapon including the Firearms at the Institute and Hostel is Prohibited.

10. Consumption of Liquor and Drugs and Smoking is strictly prohibited.

11. Students are expected to maintain complete discipline in the Institute and-Hostel. Indiscipline of any kind is punishable which may be in the form of heavy Fine or Expulsion from the Institute and Hostel.

12. Students are expected to behave with decorum and pay due respect to the Faculty and Supporting Staff. Every member of the staff has authority to check disorderly behaviour within the Institution and Hostel.

13. Loud talking, loitering and congregation in the corridors, being a source of disturbance to others is not permitted.

14. Tools and Other Machinery must be left in good order after use. If damaged, the fact must be reported for necessary action.

15. Students are not to operate any machinery/equipment without the permission of the duty staff.

16. Students shall observe all-safety precautions inside or outside the Institute.

17. Students should carry their identity cards. If id Card is lost must be reported immediately and Duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs. 200.

18. Entry of outsiders is strictly prohibited. Students are advised not to bring outsiders with them into the Institution/Hostel.